Bald Eagle

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Wetland Management and Monitoring

  • Conservation Easement Monitoring
  • On the ground management of water resources
  • Water management plans for irrigation
  • Vegetation Mapping (GPS) and monitoring
  • Vegetation Management and Monitoring Plans
  • Habitat Monitoring
    • GIS mapping of vegetation communities or other attributes
    • Plant identification
    • Various vegetation monitoring surveys (Robel’s, Daubenmire squares, belt transects, etc.)
  • Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plans
  • Biological Surveys
    • Duck and Goose Banding
    • Secretive marshbird surveys
    • Colonial nesting flight line counts
    • Endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher official surveys
    • Threatened Yellow-billed cuckoo official surveys
    • Gunnison Sage-grouse lek counts
    • Neo-tropical migrant point counts
    • Mid-winter waterfowl counts
    • Mid-winter eagle counts
    • Waterfowl migration surveys
  • Amphibian breeding surveys

Wetland Projects

  • Coordinate and plan wetland enhancement, restoration and protection projects
  • Act as fiscal agent and provide oversight of contract delivery for projects

Technical Services

    • ArcGIS development and implementation of databases
    • Creating maps and figures for reporting and publications
    • Annual reports and scientific presentations at professional meetings and conferences
    • Development of biological baseline reports for conservation easements.
    • Development of Hydrogeomorphic Reports
    • Workshop Administration and participation
    • Coordination of endangered species conservation efforts
    • Development of acoustic monitoring methods for wildlife
    • Working with private landowners to assess wetland habitat health, management, and water delivery efficiency
    • Grant Writing and reporting

Business Administration

  • Grant writing and reporting
  • Invoicing
  • General Accounting
  • Employee Supervision
  • Travel to and attendance in area and statewide meetings for wetland related issues including weed boards, water meetings and professional wildlife organizations.


  • K-12, college and graduate school waterfowl and wetland ecology fieldtrips
  • Cub Scout event “Introduction to wetlands and the wildlife that use them”.
  • Duck banding demonstrations
  • Wing Bees (identifying duck species and sex from voluntary hunter harvest)



  • The Wildlife Society
  • Colorado Chapter of the Wildlife Society
  • Wetland Working Group: The Wildlife Society
  • Society of Wetland Scientists
  • San Luis Valley Weed Management Association
  • San Luis Valley Wetland Focus Area Committee
  • San Luis Valley Friends of the Refuge
  • Monte Vista Crane Festival Committee
  • Poncha Pass Working Group
  • Rio Grande Basin Water Plan – Sub-committee
  • Colorado State Steering Committee for the Intermountain West Joint Venture